GKS Sports is a licensed distributor of the news feed in national and international sports events. The company is currently developing its network of broadcast and online publishing partners across the Indian sub-continent to improve sports content.

Daily match highlights, interviews, pre and post reviews and other fun engaging content from national and international sports events will be distributed across a wide range of audience and provide strong exposure to the brands in the designated markets.

Working with brands is to develop special content in our campaign to improve fan experience.



This branded content service will enable GKS Sports to provide an opportunity for brands to advertise on a content that can allow them to gain access to millions of traditional broadcast and online viewers. This experience will be both in national and regional markets across the sub-continent of India.


We provide brands searching for sports engagement with suitable sponsorship and CSR consultancy services. We can identify the best sports properties to engage, good sports marketing strategy and implementation of partnership activities at such sports properties.

In corporate social responsibility, GKS sports provide service of identifying grassroots development projects in which we can establish a partnership with federations and NGOs. We take further responsibility to implement such projects and enter into robust monitoring and evaluation process until reporting standards are met.



GKS Sports has developed its concept programs that can encourage the increase of physical activity and sports participation among the youth and young ones. This project’s objective is to use sports as a tool of development and combat social issues. We’ll search for corporate partners that can work with us in such initiatives.

One of the programs GKS Sports will soon be launching is the Finnish based physical activity project called “Muuvit Health and Learning”.

The first phase of Muuvit will encourage physical activity among primary school kids and also teach them best practices to associate with people living with disabilities.

GKS Sports