Both the media publishers in the traditional broadcast and online media space are competitively aiming for high-quality sports video content. The strategy is to meet the thriving demand of their sports news viewers for content related Indian sports.

GKS is currently working to establish a network of media publishing partners as a syndicator of licensed video content of national sports events.

SportzDen Media Partnership Program is open for both online and TV publishing that wishes to use videos as a medium of covering stories of Indian sports. By joining SportzDen Media Partnership Program, the publishers will get access to high quality licensed content of the best sports events around the world.

The publishers that join the network will receive the following benefits.




To collaborate with the right holders, GKS Sports will provide in-depth video highlights coverage of sports events relevant for Indian viewers. In such event, GKS Sports will aim to provide the publishing partners with daily match highlights, pre-imposed interviews, event previews and intelligent statistics with other engaging content that can meet the needs of the media publisher’s viewers. To further reduce the challenges that the publishers may face, GKS Sports intend to provide all content in ready to publish format with scripts, short listing, supporting the story, voice-over, translations and motion graphics.



It can be challenging for media publishers to generate revenue from as they cover all kinds of Indian sports. The challenge is due to poor quality content and advertisers’ non-interest to invest in the project. To solve the issue, GKS Sports has developed a revenue share advertising model that will allow publishers to also generate revenue through GKS Sports licensed content.

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