We secure licensed content from the right holders to enable us to edit in-house at GKS sports and distribute among media publishers.

The right holders include the national and international sports federation in all sports events that are connected with sports administration, sports marketing, sports sponsorship, sports broadcast and hosting rights. GKS sports will provide video content syndication services to these right holders who wish to promote their sports properties to a wider Indian sports audience.

A right holder should essentially get the most of their sports events and ensure that key priorities are met. These organizational priorities should include:

  • Creating more awareness about the sport and its athletes
  • Foster grassroots development to increase participation
  • Generate revenues through corporate partnerships
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GKS Sports has the requirements to provide video content syndication services to all right holders interested in the promotion of their sports properties to a wide sports audience.

The process is by sourcing and producing raw footages directly from various sporting events. The footage is developed into short video news feeds that can be customized to support scripting and short listing information.  Later, the news feeds are distributed in white label format to our various networks of media publishers across India. This chain network distribution can enhance accurate widespread coverage to the right holder’s event successfully.


We also work with sports federations and support them in developing their commercial strategy and further help them in implementation of their commercial plan. Further as part of our mandate, we also represent them and support them in securing long and short-term partnerships with corporate, institutions and government agencies.

After the signing of the partnership contract, GKS Sports also takes the responsibility of servicing the sponsors and act as a bridge between the right holders and the partner to ensure partnership objectives are met at both ends.



To make sure that all grassroots projects of CSR initiatives are funded by corporate bodies as provided by Indian law under the new guidelines of new company act, GKS Sports will work with sports federation to actualize these projects successfully.

It is not enough for GKS Sports to only actualize CSR projects, we feel obliged in taking responsibility to implement, monitor and evaluate them with robust interest to the end so that the created impact reports are given out for funder’s final endorsement.

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