Sports Content Syndication

We all know the passionate aspiration of Indian athletes on their desire to get media coverage. It is essential to create awareness about sports and increase participation level among the youth. This strategy can boost the morale of the existing athletes with appreciation in various levels of the competition.

Media coverage is vital to the event organizers because of recognition and new revenue stream it generates. The challenge of the right holders is in the production and distribution of high-quality video content for their fans to have good experience with their respective sports property.

The media publishers’ financial challenges make it difficult for them to cover all kinds of sports events and ensure good sports coverage for their audience. Lack of background information is a huge challenge for media publishers to provide the best viewing experience to sports news viewers.




SportzDen remains the first business initiative to start promoting the story of Indian athletes participating at both national and international sports events.

We intend to overcome this challenge through a partnership with event organizers to secure raw video footages of respective sports events. Using in-house experts, we can produce high engaging sports news and video highlights feed in white label format and distribute to our network of media publishing partners across India.

When highlights are shown on multiple publishing platforms, it will provide incredible media recognition to improve the sports property of the right holders.

Moreover, through our partner advertising model, we have plans to develop a new revenue stream for media publishers and right holders.

GKS Sports has expertise in sports content syndication that can create mutually beneficial partnerships, with priorities to support by providing the following services.

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